Monday, February 2, 2009

The Big Wall Graphics Art Show

In 2004, START SOMA started putting on art shows in the newly created Hotel des Arts, a boutique hotel located across the street from the Chinatown Gate in San Francisco's Union Square. They are doing some very progressive art shows, combining new technology, digital media and art. The exhibition will feature repositional wall art from premier emerging artists + designers from around the world. START MOVING PICTURES is extending the concept of the original PAINTED ROOMS at the Hotel des Arts, and is CREATING an entire collection of BIG WALL GRAPHICS in an exciting new medium. And EVERY piece of art in this show will be available for less than $70!
  • Artists globally are encouraged to submit artwork that will be printed on premium repositional fabric paper at <48">
  • Cutout shapes are encouraged, and the formal spec for laser-guided cutlines is available upon request.
  • This is a juried art show, and the jury includes Tavia Campbell (the founder of START MOVING PICTURES), Chandra Michaels (founder of SUGARLUXE), VULCAN (aerosol art legend), and John Doffing (founder of START SOMA + START MOBILE).
  • Artists selected for inclusion in our BIG WALL GRAPHICS ART SHOW + CATALOG will receive the same commission that ALL of our current artists receive: 50% of net sales, or circa 10x the industry average of 5%. We want to delight our customers AND the artists we work with!
  • ALL of the artwork included in THE BIG WALL GRAPHICS ART SHOW will be available for sale via START MOVING PICTURES, and every BIG WALL GRAPHIC inluded in this exhibition will be available for $69.

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