Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mindshare Tonight at The Firehouse!

Mindshare, June 18th. Topics include:

Jessica Jackley
/ Founder, KIVA
Microloans to Change the World

Geoffrey Sommer
/ Aviator & Risk Analyst
Keeping Calm When The Killer Comet Cometh

Ariel Blumenthal
/ Composer, Founder Sentient Music for Media
Music Environment as a Design Element

Dr. Alex Benzer
/ Author, Tao of Dating for Women, Tao of Dating For Men
Why Do Smart People Have a Difficult Time Dating?

Jason Porath
/ DreamWorks Animation
A Short History of Hollywood's Genitalia Coverups

Unfortunately already sold out, in case you didn't get your tickets in time. But if you did, see you there!

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