Sunday, July 12, 2009

Canadians Find It Hip To Be Square In Social Media

The Nissan Cube has a, well, different appeal than many other cars on the market. In fact, it's not even branded as a car, but a "Mobile Device". So Nissan gave the green light for an innovative marketing campaign in Canada. They solicited entries about how to personify the car and spread the word about it from anyone who self-identified as “creative, hip, interesting or unique, including musicians, DJs, dancers, programmers, designers, bloggers, podcasters, poets, writers, storytellers and artists.” Entrants were narrowed down to 500 finalists, who used both online content and real-world chutzpah to muscle their way to the top 50 in order to win a car. That's right, they gave away 50 cars to the winner (which is smart marketing in itself, because there trendsetters will likely continue to spread the word)! The campaign began with a Twitter announcement and spread via word of mouth, nobody got to borrow a free car, and no “missions” were required. Read more in this Wired article and check out the car here.

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