Friday, August 28, 2009

Is Social Media the New Punk Rock?

The stylish video below compares social media to punk rock. It's an interesting analogy, but I agree to with one of the comments on the YouTube clip which goes as follows: "Social Media is more Hip Hop than punk, because it has evolved from its early rap roots it is changing but still harks back to older forms of communication or 'samples'. Either way comparing Social Media to punk, Hip Hop or any other musical genre just sounds a bit wanky to me and for the sake of videos like this Social Media is fast becoming just another fucking ace marketing tool." But music genres aside, I think the real lesson in comparing the two is that what we're really talking about is authenticity and the ability to listen to, and acknowledge, your audience. I think that there is nothing wrong with marketing, as long as it's done right, but it so often isn't, which is why punks and other rebelled against it. Social media has actually made it possible for big media companies and other businesses, and even governments, to become more "real" and actually participate in a conversation and listen. But if they try to use social media like mass-media to do in-you-face branding and push product, then they're missing the point and the opportunity becomes a threat. So listen up. BTW, I'm born 1976, so I missed the boat on the punk movement. But I'm really into Hip Hop. Check out some of my earlier posts for Hip Hop artists successfully using social media to communicate with their audience and build up a community of fans.

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