Saturday, October 17, 2009

IKEA, Easy To Assemble and Spärhusen

Easy to Assemble - Illeana Douglas' web series sponsored by IKEA - is one of the first interactive projects that Erlend Wilhelmsen and I are in charge of under the banner of our new company Viking Digital Media (the official website will be launched next week). Season 2 premiered first week of October and the feedback has been fantastic. OMMA recently called it "one of the most successful branded media projects ever appear online" and this is just the beginning. The spin off web series, Spärhusen, is also getting a lot of attention and features Keanu Reeves as an eclectic record producer. We have many other exciting projects in the works and invite you to take a ride in the viking ship with us to the future of marketing! Check out the videos below.

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