Thursday, November 5, 2009

From the Basement - Fantastic Live Music Site

I have blogged before about the simple beauty of the live performances on U. K. video site The Black Cab Sessions. A huge fan of live music and online video, I was equally happy to see the really cool site that Ted Cohen showed me and Ned today called From the Basement. Recorded at Nigel Godrich’s basement studio (Nigel is a producer who has worked with artists like Radiohead, Beck and Travis), it showcases many similar indie artist, stripped down and in HD. Right now I'm listening/watching PJ Harvey. Girl can sing. White Stripes' performance is also amazing, as well as many of the other ones. Just wish they had an embed button (the video below is pulled from YouTube) so I could pull the videos straight from their site. I always seem to default to YouTubes for my blog when I need to pull something...

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