Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hyundai Veloster Has The Right Idea, But...

The Hyundai Veloster RE:MIX LAB is a festival of art, music, fashion, technology, culture and design taking place in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami and Los Angeles. Having seen the video above from Art Basel in Miami, I was very excited to go to Re:Mix Lab in LA this past Friday and even brought some influential friends. However, the experience was a disappointment. It was not the fault of Shira Lazar or Jane McGonigal or anyone else on stage but the ad agency involved or whoever produced the concept. It was just poor execution and if I was Hyundai I would not be happy. The ad agencies need to do more than to sell a paper-product, but actually understand what they are doing, or it won't feel authentic. You can't just put a PS3 in the trunk of a car and think that the geeks will will approve, you need to tie it all together in a way that makes sense. The car is actually kinda cool, but this event was just a distraction for any serious car-buyer.

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