Saturday, August 18, 2012

iPhoneography at LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012

Tonight is the launch the inaugural LA Mobile Arts Festival, which has developed into a dynamic hybrid—art gala, high tech extravaganza, and celebration of the mobile art movement around the world. I'm very excited to see how this emerging art form, now called iPhoneography (taking pictures, videos and creating art with and around the iPhone) has taken off since I first noticed the phenomenon and started blogging about it here and here, the latter post about how Jorge Colombo used an iPhone app to create a New Yorker cover. But there is more than just taking pictures and videos with the iPhone to what I could include in this creative phenomenon, it's also the cover art and related products in the iPhone eco-system that I blogged about here. With Instagram being sold to Facebook for $1B, no one can deny that the iPhone is at the center of a whole new digital social art movement, and the cool thing is that even though it now is finding it's way into the galleries, most iPhoneography is created and enjoyed by everyday people who do not consider themselves artists or art-lovers. It's just life!

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